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Minutes for Sept. 14, 2010

The July meeting of Shoal Creek Drive Village Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:05 PM on Sept. 14, 2010 by Chairman Matthew Rigsby.  Board members present were:  John Knudsen, Don Scott, Matthew Rigsby and Judy Whitehead.

Village residents attending were Lois Scott, GaryKyger, Lois Scott & Danny Muench. 

The minutes of the Aug.10th, 2010 meeting were read.  John Knudsen made a motion to approve minutes as read.  Judy Whitehead second and motion carried.

Treasurer Judy White presented the financial statements for July, Aug. and Sept. Don Scott made a motion to approve the statements as written. John Knudsen second and motion carried.

Greg Huff was called and asked to attend the meeting to discuss the progress of his building  of the Ozark School of Creative Arts, he did not attend. The board would like to see the area cleaned up some and kept as nice as possible.

Danny Muench asked it we got any tax revenue from Newton county from the tax collected on the Empire bill. The board would like Harold to look in to the issue.

Empire needs to maintain several lights in the village, some are missing globes ad some stay on all the time and some need bulbs. The board would like Harold to call Empire and have them maintain them.

Corinna Houpt properties have been mowed by the village and a bill will be sent to her, if she does not pay it a tax lean will be made on the property for the amount. Also the property next door needs to be mowed as well.

The property owned by Charles Amodeo,530 W 44th St. still has several mowers and appliances on the driveway, Harold was going to send a letter to him and several others in the village with similar issues, Harold was not in attendance to see if the letters went out.

The property next to Danny Muench needs to be mowed as well, Harold was to send out a letter Harold was not in attendance to see if the letters went out. Also there is a collapsing building by Danny that needs to be torn down. The board would like Harold to check into who owns it and send them a letter as well.

There is an issue of 4610 Jackson (aprox) dumping trash on neighbors property, Randy Scott said this is an issue for the sheriff if the property owners want to pursue it.

Someone is dumping mattresses and couches on the trailer park property at the end of Byers. The Board would like Harold to write the owner a letter as well.

A backhoe needs to he run down the culvert on Jackson by Danny Muench’s drive way. Judy made a motion to have the same people that did the culvert at city hall to do it if the price is reasonable. John seconded the motion and it passed.

Matthew asked if a fall clean up was necessary or should we wait till spring it was determined that it should wait till spring.

It was also decided that Matthew would take charge of the village yard sale to be held in mid May followed by the spring clean up.

Corner of Glendale and Jackson still has overhanging limbs that need to be trimmed for visibility, the board needs to look in to if it’s the villages responsibilityor not, if so they need to be trimmed.

There was no other business to bring before the board.  John Knudsen made a motion that we adjourn, second by DonScott.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew RIgsby

Village Chairman

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