Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting of the Village Trustees was held on July 14, 2009, at 7 pm, at the Village Hall on West 44th Street. The meeting was attended by the board trustees (Don Scott, Judy Whitehead, John Knudsen, and Eric Millman. Leah Murray was absent) and the following Village residents: Lois Scott and Harold Johnston. Contractors: Blevins Asphalt, APAC, and Swift Asphalt.

Harold Johnston took the minutes in the absence of Leah Murray.

The June minutes were read by Eric Millman and approved as read by the Trustees.

Road bids were received from Swift, APAC, and Blevins. Don Scott made a motion for additional time for the contractors because APAC and Blevins did not get a village map and requirements. Eric requested that the contractors step outside so the Board could discuss the project. Eric recommended that the Village hire a civil engineer to oversee the project. Don Scott voiced his opposition to hiring the engineers. Eric and Mr. Clyde Ward (Carterville) looked over the Village streets. Mr. Ward did not think that all streets needed to be repaired. Don stated that the companies submitting bids are local and reputable. Don Scott made a motion to give two weeks additional time to resubmit bids. Judy Whitehead seconded the motion and it was passed by the Board. (The two weeks would be either Tuesday, July 28 or Wednesday, July 29). Further discussion lead to asking APAC and Swift who were still visiting in the parking lot to return for discussion of types of asphalt. Both companies advised against hiring an engineer. It was decided to have the companies come back on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 9 am to go with Don Scott, Eric Millman and Harold Johnston to decide which streets need repair.

Regarding communications:
Mr. Greg Huff and his constructions on south Jackson Street were discussed. A possible letter would be sent to Mr. Huff advising him of his promise to submit plans for the new building and the issuance of a temporary permit. The permit would be rescinded if no actions to comply with the Village request. Harold suggested giving him until the August meeting. A certified letter would be sent this time as the previous June letter was sent via regular mail. Eric and Harold would compose a letter for Board approval.

Eric Millman volunteered to check on the Jeremy & Bobbie Higdon property and also clean up of the Scotty Hackelman property with Newton County. Harold suggested a letter to the attorney for the Hackelman Estate requesting clean up of the property.

The written treasurer’s report was distributed to the Board and accepted as written.

In old business Eric reported that the bus stop sign situation is in progress.

In new business Don reported on ISO Fire Dept. meeting. The Village only needs but one fire plug for the Southside Apostolic Church to affect insurance rating for the whole village.

In miscellaneous business, Don reported he would find time to get a back door lock for the Village City Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Leah Murray: Clerk

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