Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting of the Village Trustees was held on February 10, 2009, at 7pm, at the Village Hall on West 44th Street. The meeting was attended by Don Scott, Leah Murray, Sally Armstrong, Judy Whitehead and Eric Millman.

Residents in attendance were Matt Rigsby, Harold Johnston, Don & Darlene LaDue, John Knudsen, & Lois Scott.

Clerk read January meeting notes, accepted as read.

Treasurer's reports for December and January read and accepted.

CD due will get best rate can all agreed.

Michael White, Deputy Chief, Redings Mill Fire Dept. at meeting and presented annual report for 2008, and information on their Emergency Response team. We thank Redings Mill for the continued interest in the community.

Continued till next month, Unified Trash pick-up, Street signs.

Discussion on sales tax proposal, due to limited time all agreed to continue with fact finding. Do not need a special election this year too costly.

Matt Rigsby suggested a village wide garage sale, after discussion he will check on some dates for the sale and let us know at the March meeting.

Adjourned 8:05 pm

Sally Armstrong

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